Szabolcs Szilágyi

interior design

  • EDUCATION: Hungarian University of Arts and Design, Architecture Department, architect-designer, 2004, teacher of visual and environmental culture, 2005 | Kaesz Gyula Wood Industrial Comprehensive and Vocational School, carpenter, 1998
  • GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2004 “Diploma Award 2004” of MÉK-MÉSZ and Budapest University of Technology and Economics (“Reformed Church of block of flats”) | 2003 Valley of Arts “Székátírások” | 2001 Millenary Park – Octogon – Kent
  • AWARDS: 2004 Award of Hungarian Architects’ Chamber and the Interior Designers’ Branch within the association of Hungarian Architects | 2004 Special Award of the President | 2001 Award of Octogon Magazin and Kent Company for the work entitled “Renewing thoughts, avant-garde ideas”

Budapest distr. VIII
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