József Zsolt Simon

porcelain - ceramics

  • ARS POETICA: Life needs movement. Finding balance between polarities. Lightness and darkness, Earth and sky, spirit and life. Spirit needs forms. | In these art pieces I am trying to reserve the experience of easy and light forming before stucking into material. Pure force. Struggle and fight with gravity. Grab the surroundings and bring inside the patterns of it. Not to stop. Silence inside.
  • EDUCATION: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest | 2001-2006 Faculty of Silicate design porcelain specialization | 2002-2009 Faculty of Visual and Environmental Culture Education | Bothmer Movement International | 1995-1999 Bothmer Gymnastics and Spatial Dynamics Teacher Training Course | Jelenlet (Presence) Art School | 1995-1997 General art studies, music, drama, painting | Fischer Mor Porcelain Industrial Vocational School, Herend | 1988-1991 Porcelain painting studies

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