Mária Lipovszky-Drescher

porcelain - ceramics

  • EDUCATION: Hungarian University of Arts and Design, Silicate Department, ceramist, 2002, master
  • GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2007 “Ifjú Titánok” (Young Titans) group exhibition, Kecskemét International Ceramics Studio | 2007 Solo exhibition of illustrations, FISE Gallery | 2006 “Földközelben” (Close to the Ground), group exhibition, Duna Gallery | 2004 Solo exhibition, FISE Gallery | 2000– Exhibition of the National Millenary Competition of Artists, Törökszentmiklós
  • AWARDS: 2007 Aranyvackor competition for tale writers and illustrators, laudation | 2004 Studio of Young Applied Artists, Young Appplied Artist of the Year Award | 2000 National Millenary Competition of Artists – Quality Award

Budapest distr. III
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